AllThingsJewish discovers Moishe House in LA      DISCOVERS         Moishe House

In an attempt to clean up and organize I placed an ad on Craigslist offering various items that needed to find new homes. Long past the days when Craigslist was new and exciting and anything could sell, I didn’t get very many responses to my offer for some free “lightly used furniture.” I became a little discouraged and was realizing I needed a plan B to get rid of my “stuff”, until I got an email from one person who seemed interested. After many emails back and forth and finally a phone number exchange he came to retrieve his new found treasure and I was relieved that my items found a new home. While loading the bed into his minivan he mentioned that he lived at the Moishe House in Los Angeles, and briefly explained to me what it was.

I had never heard of Moishe House and was instantly intrigued. What a cool organization! If only I was a “twenty something” year old. Moishe House creates home-based communities for those in their twenty’s, by training, supporting and sponsoring young Jewish leaders.  According to their website there are 45 houses in 14 countries. Check out their website at

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