Hebrew Blessing Brit Milah and Baby Naming Blanket

The Hebrew Blessing Brit Milah Baby Blanket and the Baby Naming Blanket available at AllThingsJewish.com make a wonderful gift for any new baby boy or girl.  The blanket is beautifully embroidered with the children’s blessing in Hebrew. “May God bless you and watch over you. May God shine his face toward you and show you favor. May God be favorably disposed toward you and may he grant you peace.”  The blanket measures approximately 34″ x 36″, which is a perfect size to be used as an all-purpose blanket. Luxurious and practical, this blanket will immediately become a baby’s favorite blanky.

The Brit Milah Baby Blanket is currently available with blue embroidery.  The Baby Naming Blanket for girls is available in white or pink.

Besides how cute the Bris and Baby Naming Blanket are, here are some other great things worth mentioning  about the blankets.

The Blankets breathe…..

The Blankets ventilate… the weave allows oxygen to flow freely through it.

The Blankets do not overheat or cause static.

The Blankets are made from NATURAL fibers.

Hebrew Blessings Brit Milah Baby Blanket

Baby Naming Blanket

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