The Original Plagues Bag- Adding Spice to your Passover Seder

Are you sometimes bored at your Passover Seder? Well we have the greatest Passover toy for you. It is the Original Plagues Bag. The burlap sack bag is filled with a toy for each plague.

The Original Plagues Bag™ is a burlap sack that includes two plastic hand puppets of Moses and Pharaoh, an instruction card detailing how to use the The Original Plagues Bag™ and outlining the nature of the reference to the plagues in the haggadah, and interactive toy representations of each of the ten plagues. Some items that are in The Original Plagues Bag™ are special sunglasses for the plague of darkness, a flipping frog, finger puppets for wild beasts, styrofoam balls for hail and a floppy cow for cattle disease.

Now can you think of anything more fun than this!!!

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