Break Your Wedding Glass In Style

Wedding bells are in the air and it seems to be the beginning of the wedding season. One of the traditional parts of a Jewish Wedding- and one you often see depicted in movies- is the breaking of the wedding glass under the chuppah. Traditionally the last part of the wedding ceremony is when the groom stomps on the wedding glass with full force which is followed by a huge “Mazel Tov” by all the wedding guests.

One of the primary reasons given for the breaking of the wedding glass is that joy must be tempered. While everyone is celebrating the joy of a wedding they should also not forget things that were always not so joyous such as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. A little heavy I know.

So this tradition has always been carried out with a plain glass.  But with time things have evolved. Now you could add some fun to the breaking of the wedding glass with a colorful glass. Often times the broken pieces of the glass are turned into Wedding Glass Keepsakes: mezuzahs, frames, candlesticks, and even vases. (Look for future blogs on what to do with the wedding glass shards.) So knowing that there is a future life for the shards it is great to get creative with the glass that you are actually breaking.

We offer 3 different types of breakable wedding glasses by three different artists. Each artist offers a different color and slightly different style. All off them come with a bag to place the glass in.  Each one has a bit of a different shape but are equally beautiful. Each of the glasses sell for $30 which is a perfect price point for a wedding shower gift. And best of all it is something that you know will be used.

Check out the different breakable wedding glasses and break your wedding glass in style.

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