The Perfect Bat Mitzvah Gift

What is the perfect Bat Mitzvah Gift?

This is the number one question I always get.  While this seems like an easy question it is one with a plethora of answers. Some prefer to give a check in multiples of $18. (Click the here to read what is the meaning of 18 in Judaism .) Some on the other hand prefer to give gift cards to stores or indulge the Bat Mitzvah girl with the latest gadgit.

However more and more people feel it is the time to give a gift that will last a lift time or will be a true reminder of the day. One of my favorite Bat Mitzvah gifts is the Women of Bible Bat Mitzvah Blessing Print by the artist Mickie Caspi. The print comes framed and sells for $85. The print features flowering vines, doves, and Shabbat candles crowned by a fanciful Jerusalem. Quotes from Proverbs, Pirkei Avot, and the Siddur praise the Bat Mitzvah girl and urge her to aspire to live wisely.

It is a beautiful piece of art and one that will last long after the lastest version of the current gadgit.

Bat Mitzvah Blessing - Women of the Bible Jewish Art

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