A Miriam’s Cup at Your Seder Table

The idea of having a Miriam’s Cup at your Seder Table is a fairly new concept and not one your Bubbie or Zadie brought over from the Old Country. It was introduced as way to honor Moshe’s sister Miriam the Prophetess for her role in the Exodus and to honor women’s role in Jewish culture yesterday, today and tomorrow. It was the creation of a Boston Rosh Chodesh group in the late 1980’s. The Boston Rosh Chodesh group filled their cup with water symbolizing the legend of Miriam’s well.

From the Boston group the idea of a Miriam’s Cup has taken off and is found on many Seder Tables today, right next to Elijah’s cup. With that said one of our favorite Miriam’s Cup is a pewter one created by the artist Emily Rosenfeld. Emily Rosenfeld’s Miriam’s Cup is decorated with six carvings. The six carvings reference the well Miriam discovered and her dancing after crossing the Red Sea.

It is truly a beautiful piece that will be a highlight of your seder table. The Miriam’s Cup also makes a wonderful Bat Mitzvah gift.

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