Passover and The Tambourine

What’s the association with the tambourine and Passover?

It is all about Miriam. Miriam was the one!!! Tambourines are a musical instrument that go back to Biblical times and are associated with the Prophetess Miriam, Moses’ sister.  After crossing the Red Sea she lead all the Israelite women in song and dance with their “timbrels”, otherwise known as the tambourine. So now a days along with the orange on the seder plate and Miriam’s Cup alongside Elijah’s Cup, the tambourine is another symbol to be added to your Seder table to celebrate women.

So enliven your Seder table with the sound of a tambourine. The Women by the Sea tambourine by artist Betsy Teutsch is one of our favorites and is the most fitting tambourine for your Seder table.

The tambourine features Miriam and the Israelite women celebrating their liberation.

miriam tambourine

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