The Ultimate Ushpizin Poster by Gad Almaliah

So Sukkot is just around the corner and many people are starting to dig into their garages and lug out their sukkah. Some do it with utter enjoyment and others find the building of their sukkah to be one of those things that they never look forward to doing due to their lack of carpentry skills. (Lets be honest even the easiest sukkah kits need some sort of skill to assemble.) But I think it is safe to say that 100% of the time the first meal in the sukkah washes away any negativity that came with its building. There is nothing better than sitting in your sukkah the first night of sukkot looking up at the stars.

There is no better decoration for your sukkah than a ushpizin poster that welcomes a different guest each night of sukkot. The ushpizin is the ritual of inviting symbolic guests into the sukkah.  We invite 7 of our greatest leaders- Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Moshe, Aharon, Yosef and King David.

The artist Gad Almaliah created a beautiful waterproof poster that illustrates each of the the 7 great leaders. The poster measures 29 x20 inches. In addition to the traditional ushpizin poster, Gad Almaliah has also created an ushpizin poster of 7 great female leaders- Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, Leah, Miriam, Devorah, and Ruth.

Because the posters are waterproof they could be used year after year.

7men 7women

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