The Hamentaschen Gragger…. And Dinner Tonight

Drown out Hamans name in style with this paper mache gragger in the shape of a hamentaschen. You will surely turn heads if you bring this gragger to synagogue as opposed the metal ones we all grew up with.

Purim Gragger

Paper Mache Hamentaschen Gragger

Don’t forget Purim is March 16.

What is for dinner?

So now that I have shared with you the awesome hamentaschen gragger I thought I would move on to what I am making for dinner, which is always the biggest challenge of the day.

So tonight it is going to be Shakshuka. I just learned that this is a Tunisian dish and in layman’s terms it is eggs cooked in a spiced up tomato sauce. There are many great recipes for Shakshuka but decided to follow the one I found on the “The Shiksa In the Kitchen”.  Here is a picture of one I have made in the past. (It is half eaten because my kids got to it before I could snap a shot.)





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